Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lesson learned this week - March 31, 2014

Sometimes people say "I know I should not have sinned, but because of that I learned a lot and I could not be where I was without what I went through."  That is just not true.  That throws the whole Plan of Salvation out of the window.  There is not a single thing that you have to sin (and consequently suffer for the sin) to learn.  God does not require us to sin to learn something.  We never have to learn anything the hard way.  Sure, maybe you can be grateful to have learned a lesson, but to say that you had to sin to learn that lesson is just plain wrong.  I have heard that before. It is just wrong.

Something else I learned this week -
Elders enjoying a gathering at the Nairobi Java House
 First off, read Rise to Your Call by Henry B. Eyring.  In it he says that when he thinks of his own performance, his sadness deepens, but when he looks for the Lord's hand in his life he begins to feel strength and joy.  I was with some couple missionaries and we went to the hospital.  I thought I did almost nothing there and it was just a waste of time.  I expressed my feelings to them and they said "Are you kidding me?  Just your presence makes a world of difference.  People can feel it when you are around."  I tell you man, there are countless times when I won't say anything special and I may not necessarily be feeling a very strong spirit, but I can just tell by the way I see different things that the Lord is working through me to help lift others.  I just have to be worthy and diligent enough to qualify for the promise that He will use me in whatever way He sees fit.  I am, in all reality, very inadequate.  I am not so good a teacher, I am usually really hungry and not very focused, I complain a bit more than I should, but when I try to do the right thing the Lord can take me and, through the Holy Ghost, teach His children that I come in contact with.  All that is required of me is that I do all I can do to listen to the Holy Ghost's quiet whisperings and listen to those people I talk to.  His promise is then that, if I am worthy, willing, and humble enough to listen to the Spirit, He will give me in the very moment what His child needs to hear.  That promise has helped me.  I have noticed so intensely how inadequate I am on my own.  I am so grateful for His hand guiding me.  


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