Sunday, January 18, 2015

December 29, 2014

I know, I am a bit crazy. But they need crazies in leadership every
once in a while or else people would just be lazy and disobedient all
the time, and no work would ever get done!

I am still taking videos and pictures, but this computer has so many
viruses on it. I will not plug in my camera. Or my iPod.

I'm trying so hard to focus this last little bit. Y'all have no clue
how hard that is to do. I just have to pack my day full of stuff so
that I am busy. Whenever I am not busy my mind says “Hey, Jacob, did
you forget? You're going home in less than five months! What're you
gonna do?” So I try to shut it up as long as I can during the day by
really planning out what we are going to do. This isn't always a
super easy thing to do, but it is always well worth it when I get home
and I realize how much we've done. I am trying so hard to work hard!



Christmas Day Skype call with Elder Dick

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