Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fixed my shoes, but the belt is still loose

Week 95
April 13, 2015

My family,

Well, it's official.  Four weeks and I'm home.  Less than one month!
I thought the day wouldn't come.  I love my mission, no doubt, but I miss y'all even more.  I just feel like being home will fix a lot of things for me.  I know that sounds bad, but I am so happy to be home.

I am homesick!  But I am working hard my last few weeks.  We just had a baptism, and we have a few more coming up in a few weeks.  That makes like 20 baptisms since I've been in this area.

I can't wait to work out when I get home.  I feel like that'll relieve a lot of stress.

Well, this past week we didn't do a whole heck of a lot.  We kept getting bounced.  What was worse was we were delayed a few days because of rain.  For example, on Thursday we didn't go out until around 2p because of the rain.  It rained all morning.  It rained...HARD!

Pier, congrats on the AFROTC!  That's wonderful!  Seriously.  But I know you're planning on doing Army anyways.  Fine choice, either way.

Bogue, great job advancing in the hurdles.  I am proud of both of you!

Still hiking the hills over here, but they are getting to be manageable.  BUT WOW they certainly don't get any shorter, and the sun doesn't get any colder.

By the way, in Provo I'm living right down the street from Elder Barney.  And Elder Lyons (did I ever tell you about him?) is letting us stay with him and his wife the night of June 20 and the 21 (if we need two nights) as we move in.  I can change the dates if I need to.

Are hashtags still a popular thing?







So I get in at 6, interview at 7, hopefully with subway in between or right after, because then we drive for an hour and a half to get home, right?  By the way, I think I'm off of the insurance for the cars, so I can't drive until I get put back on (or until I get my own insurance.  I have no idea what y'all are planning for me).

On Thursday I have my interview with President Hicken.  Hopefully he doesn't find out about my gorging of Nutella...  Although it's not specifically stated, I'm not exactly sure that's in line with the word of wisdom... :)

I have 28 days to get home.  Minus one day for the day I'll be in Nairobi.  Minus two for the interview.  Minus three for p-days.  Minus one for transfers.  21 days.

I love y'all so much. :)  I'm finishing Jesus the Christ this week.


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