Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 3

July 8, 2013


So this week was much better.  I was able to really focus on the work and I could feel the power of the spirit in almost everything I did.  Let me tell you some neat stories!  First friday night we went to the Sri Lankans place again.  Last week the dad said he would pray this coming week and well what do you know he refused to pray.  So I worked up a little priesthood power and bore my testimony and told him that I would say a practice prayer first and then he could pray like I did.  So after a bit of convincing it finally happened.  It was a beautiful prayer and went something like this. "Heavenly father...  Thankful elders...  Thankful food...  Thankful family... Jesus amen."  It was awesome and I was on a high for the rest of the night.  Did I mention we have to be in by 7 and by 8 if we are at an appointment?  
So let me tell you about something that was almost prophecy by Kai Ellis.  When we were at BYU and I got my call we had a conversation in which she told me that I was so tightly wound and I wanted things to be so exact and when I go to Africa I am going to have to deal with it because they are going to be just the opposite.  Well I knew that would be the case and I knew she would be right, but I did not know to what extent...  Usually when we go to investigator houses or flats it is chill and we run over time or get there late, but I learned to deal with that.  But let me tell you about Sunday.  So church is 10-1.  So we started our fast at 1p on Saturday so that we could end it right after church.  So the end of church rolls around and what do you know there is ward council...  But does it start at 110 like people said it would?  No.  145 we finally get everyone together...   When does it end?  315..................  And I finally leave the chapel at 330.  So do I have a lot of adjusting to do?  Yes..  Holy moly.
I also have been so anxious to teach lessons and convert that I have struggled just getting to know people!  So I am working on that this week.
But let me tell you about the area.  It is dirty!  And in the most literal sense possible.  No roads, just dirt.  When anyone cuts their hair they just throw it in the street along with their trash...  My shoes are so dirty along with my pants!  But I have learned to deal with that so easily.  What is hard sometimes is being the only white person I see in 3 days.  I feel like a tourist attraction!  People, even older people just yell "MUZUNGO!!" when I walk by.  Yesterday a guy about my age who was pretty big grabbed my arm really hard and yelled at me like he wanted to fight.  So I looked at him and said "Hello."  And then he just followed me and said "How are you? How are you?"  It is the equivalent to the Americans learning "Hola" and "Adios." 

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