Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 4

Hey!  So I forgot my journal again this week...  But I will try to hit the highlights.
Since we have to be in by 8 every night (7 if there is no appointment) we have a lot of free time.  At first, it was good to study some more, but honestly, there is only so much studying you can do after tracting for 8+ hours in the MIDDLE OF AFRICA.  So we watch movies a lot.  So this past week we watched Singles Ward 1 & 2.  Great, great movies.  But don't worry, I am working hard!
On the average day, we get done with studying and training around 11, and then we eat lunch since we are required to by the mission president.   Some missionaries apparently skipped lunch a lot because it wastes time.  So we are out of the flat around 1145.  Every day is either jam packed with appointments or completely open it seems.  So when it's jam packed it's good in its own way because we are always seeing people, and when it is open we go and tract.  Tracting is more effective on houses rather than flats, so we try to find houses.  Problem is that most of the houses are on the edge of town, and we live smack in the middle.  So we do a lot of walking...  I am sure that I lost weight from that.  Thankfully, these people just love to feed everyone they meet, so we get food from complete strangers all the time.  So I am sure I gained all that weight back.
I do remember a few great days this week though.
Thursday we had an appointment with Caroline.  She is a girl who is entering her sophomore year at college.  She actually read the intro to the BoM (she was my first placed book of mormon... woohoo! **We don't just give out BoM's because people have done that and the people they gave them to ran off and started their own church) and she had questions about it.  It was great!  And we answered all the questions and got another return appointment, and pretty much it was the best moment so far.  Side note, we have a friend in the ward, Joseph, who got off his mission 8 weeks ago.  He's kind of a stud, and wants to get married, but the women in the ward are kind of lacking.  As in the girls are either 8yo, married, or inactive.  But Caroline is single and around his age.  So he is going to come teach her with us this coming week.  Ah I am excited to see where it goes.
Our water went out this week.  So Tuesday I didn't take a shower...  :/  Wednesday - Saturday I took a bucket shower...  You stand in a bucket and take a "shower."  Karibu Africa.
Friday we stopped for lunch at the most unsanitary restaurant I have ever seen.  Well, it was pretty good for Kenya.  And I ate cow lung.  Or maybe it was liver.  We couldn't understand what the guy said it was...  But Elder Ledwaba had cow heart.  So I got the better end of that deal.  I had to eat some more snacks later because I didn't eat much of it...
Saturday Elder LD and I had to go to another companionships flat because they were fighting and LD is district leader.  The companionship was pretty much at each others necks and yelling.  It was pretty bad.  It really made me appreciate my companion and love him more.  It also made me so glad for my daddy's advice to make my companion my best friend.
Sunday we finally got our water back.

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