Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 5

July 22, 2013

Habari zenu!  How is everyone?  I am getting so many messages and I love it.  I got to hear from Mimi and Bishop Strickland and my dear sweet best mother via Dear Elder letter, and I got surprise emails from Honey, Nana and Uncle Trey that made my week.  I have been so good this week.  
So last fast sunday we fasted for the area and I now have a new and profound testimony of fasting.  Before the Sunday, we tracted almost every day.  We walked 6-8 miles a day in the middle of Africa (yeah, it is hot here), and we didn't get any return appointments most days.  It was very discouraging.  So we fasted for the area and for investigators that they might be more accepting and feel the spirit and truth of our message.  Boom, we got so many return appointments and we didn't go tracting once this past week.  The investigators we have been teaching now are starting to really get it.  They take notes and really want to know more.  I can probably put them on baptismal date within the next few weeks.  It really is wonderful the work of the Lord.
I apologize because I forgot not only my journal but also my camera...  So y'all will just have to wait until next week for pictures!  It is good though because you will get to see the animals we are going to see next Monday morning. 
This week, though, has been a very high week for me.  I have really been able to connect with the people and understand the culture more.  They have been more receptive of me and I of them.  My investigators have understood what I had to say and I have been able to teach them through the spirit.
On Saturday, we did service and cleaned the church building with the Monyalo family.  They are a legit family.  They both served in Durban, SA where they met.  He then chased her down after their missions to marry her.  I don't think I'll marry a sister from my mission, but it is still a neat story.  
Sunday there was a baptism in our ward but from the other missionaries area.  It was still powerful, but on the programs they wrote the wrong name for the person being baptized.  Her name was Mary and inside the programs it said her name but the outside wasn't fixed and it said this mzee's name and the date of May 1.  I took it to some brother and he said "oh well, nothing we can do now!  No big deal."  It reminded me of something my dad would do...


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