Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 6

July 29, 2013

Habari yako?  Niko poa sana!
Once again, forgot my journal so I will just highlight the week.
Monday (July 22) I went to Nairobi because we had zone conference on Wednesday.  We had a CRAZY day.  It all started when the guy in the cyber cafe got mad so he just turned off our internet so I had to stop emailing in the middle of it.  Freaking what...  So then we left and were walking back (we were with another companionship) and Elder Lawson (Utah) realized he forgot his phone.  So he and I sprinted back through traffic to the cyber cafe.  It was funny to think about...  2 wazungus in the middle of Nairobi in white shirts and ties sprinting like crazy through the road...  Haha.

Tuesday was chill, we went on splits for a bit and then got pizza.

Wednesday was zone conference.  President Hicken is pretty cool but it is obvious that he and his wife have a lot of getting used to in Kenya.

Thursday we went to Athi River so Elder Ledwaba could interview potential (and successful) baptismal candidates.

Friday we had appointments all day.  I was afraid I would be hungry so I ate a huge lunch of rice and sausage.  No need to be afraid because I was subsequently fed more rice and potatoes and beans, ugali, and more food so we ended up having 3 1/2 lunches.  I was STUFFED.  I am glad we walk so much.. Eating can actually be unenjoyable and hard sometimes.

Saturday was hard because the week was seeming SO LONG.  But it rained for the first time since I got here.  And it didn't just drizzle, it POURED.  My shoes are still dirty.

Sunday was the best.  We went to Bro Chanui's house which is out in the middle of nowhere.  The whole Elders quorum was invited and it was pretty much just like home.  All the guys talked and were competitive in saying things and the topic of the night was who had seen the coolest car.  After we left I raced Steve and George Kasue.  Everyone was floored because I lost to Steve by only a foot.  They were all saying Elder Dick you are FAST!!  
Today we walked in the wild.  I chased giraffe.  No big deal.

What I have learned on my mission so far...  The power of prayer and the power of patience!  I have never prayed before like I do now, and consequently never felt as close to my Heavenly Father.  Also, I have never had my patience tested as much as I do now, and consequently I will be the most patient father of all time.

I love you all!!

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