Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014

Friends and family,

Here are some stats for the office this week.

Hours of sleep in a normal missionary's week: 56
Hours of sleep this last week: 36
Fastest speed (avg over an hour): 130 km/h
Slowest speed (avg over an hour): 2 km/h
New office missionaries: 2

I cannot put into words so I will not try, this week was busy!  

I did get a new companion, Elder Anderson.  He comes from Florida, so technically we are both from the South, though Florida is about as Southern as California is Western.  He is a great elder, though.  He does not compromise when it comes to obedience.  He sets a great example to me.  He has been on his mission just about six months.  He is very quiet but we get along well.  He is willing to do whatever needs to be done, which is good because there is a lot that needs to be done.

I had a great experience this week where I decided to serve everyone I saw even if I just made them smile by greeting them.  It all started when on a whim I bought a mango for me and another for Elder Anderson, then two little girls came and were asking us for money (not uncommon).  So I just asked them if they wanted the mango I had and I gave it to them.  Elder Anderson followed suit.  I would have liked it, but I figured they needed it more.  It started this HUGE chain reaction of giving giving giving that made me feel an incredible amount of love toward people.  I know that Christ loves that feeling and I am pretty sure that God does too.  I bet that one thing God loves most about being God is the thrill and the feeling of being merciful and loving to those who do not expect it and often feel they do not deserve it.  It is a thrilling feeling.  Other people need things much more than I do, especially my testimony and this gospel, so I share it!

Quote from Akiko Chau: "My friend said that slowly people stop writing to you... and I was like, that's so sad! but it's true :) haha. missionary life. it's okay though"

It is true.  :(  Don't stop writing your missionary!

Elder Dick

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