Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 17, 2014

Let me tell you about a neat thing that happened.  First off, Nairobi traffic is TERRIBLE.  You would HATE it.  It takes us two hours sometimes to drive two miles, and that is a normal day.  The slowest I went, and it has happened many times, it is not uncommon, is about 300 feet per hour.  We plan for these things.  Anyways, we were in traffic and saw people pulling heavy carts up a hill we were on.  They pull carts of stuff and make money.  They pull it by hand.  We saw a man who had no help so Elder Tauzie and I just ran and pushed it from behind and we all started sprinting up the hill.  After we got to the top he was really grateful especially because we had done it for free.  It was a happy week because we were all just focused on serving others and not worrying about ourselves.

We also went to Kilungu Hills, where you climb mountains and walk hours to your appointments.  It is the "bush."  There is electricity 50% of the time, unless it rains. Then it is 0% of the time. It was a really neat experience!

Elder Dick

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