Sunday, May 11, 2014

Letter from branch president in Eldoret, Kenya - May 9, 2014

May 9, 2014

This is Branch President of Misikhu Branch,Eldoret-(Kenya).We had missionary fun with your son (Jacob Dick) who is currently on mission in Kenya. He is a great missionary as is now zone leader and talks pretty good of his lovely parents back in the states and I asked him for your contact and humbled obliged.

    Have you been to Kenya? please be tourists one day  visit this great country, you could sample some of very interesting tourist attractions eg.treetops hotel where the queen of England had visited with her husband amid news came that her father King George had passed on and also see a snow capped mt.Kilimanjaro but near the equator!

    Meanwhile in Kenya the The church of Jesus Christ of is growing tremendously with following facts:1 stake, 2 districts,and other congregations yet to achieve stake/District status.

    I am married with one wife, 7 children(4) are members,8 grant children. We are visiting the temple 19 members from this branch.Elder Dick had come interview investigators and managed to recommend 2 for baptism, great!

   Else we wish you well in your endeavors to mold better American citizens because of your lovely profession I love reading! My son is preparing to serve mission as end of next year.

     Kindest regards.

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