Friday, May 31, 2013

Cadet Jacob Dick

We received a letter from Cadet Dick today.  He is doing well at AFROTC field training at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL.  Read below for a portion of his letter:

"It is now training day 10.  Double digits! I go to church tonight [Saturday, May 25] then leave on Monday [Memorial Day] to go to Mississippi.  It will be HOT.  I get back on training day 26 and sleep! My biggest surprise coming here: I've never been so tired without the option to sleep! I love your letters, keep them coming!  P.S. I am still sick and it hurts to eat but I shove my face anyways because I am always hungry.  We don't eat much.  Also, today I went on my hands and knees and stuck my fact against the carpet to pick up every little blade of grass and piece of loose carpet.  There are a lot.  I didn't know being an officer would be so glorifying.  P.P.S I take a shower approximately once every 2 days for 4 minutes or less.  Also I eat for approximately 24 minutes a day and sleep approximately 5.5-6 hours a night.  Wake up at 0400 every day.  Love, C/3C Dick"

Jacob's "Pass and Review" is on June 11th and we pick him up on the morning of the 12th.  We will put him on a plane headed to South Africa at  6pm on the 12th.  You can look up on YouTube "Pass and Review USAF" if you want to see what the graduation parade is like.

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