Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 16, 2013


So this week was awesome.  Well, I guess it is how you look at it, because if you weren't me you'd probably think it was terrible.  But I am me and I think it was fantastic.

On Monday we went into Nairobi for me to go to the doctors.  The doctor was total bogus.  He knows less than I do about problems of the body.  On our way home we got a call from this girl that we know saying that her boyfriend was trying to kill himself.  When we got off the matatu we went over to see what the problem was.  She called us because she was still at work.  So the guy was drunk and high and just plain crazy as it was and he was acting so strange.  The cops were called and they took him away.  We saw him later in the week and found out he was just faking it all.

From that incident we met Catherine who we think talked to us because she wants a white boyfriend.  My suspicions were heightened when we taught her for the first time and she kept talking to me and not my companion.  She has an 8-year-old daughter.  I emphasized I was 19 but I don't think that did a darn thing.  Every time she calls and I answer "Hello this is Elder Dick" she says "Hiiiiiiiiiii."  Which is awkward because then I always say "Is this Catherine?"  And, like most Kenyans, she responds with an affirmative grunt.  There is a grunt for "yes" and a different grunt for "no" and I have been endowed with the gift of interpretation of tongues and I can now finally tell the difference.  I think that the next time we see her I will tell her how I am going to marry some white girl from Utah or something.  I will progressively increase my opposition to our relationship until she finally realizes that I don't want to date her, all I want her to do is read a book.

On Friday we tracted FAR to the south of us.  We walked and walked and I have never met so many Muslims.  Holy moly.

Other than that, same old same.  Elder Ledwaba leaves on Wednesday to go somewhere else.  We will find out where this evening.  I love you all!

The Sri Lankans send their regards to everyone.

Elder Dick 

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