Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013


So there was nothing really new this week...

Just kidding!  This week was insane.  My new companion came.  I am training him.  He is fresh from Syracuse, Utah.  He got here on Wednesday.  Then on Saturday there was a terrorist attack very near my proselyting area.  It is still going on, I believe.  So far I think around 30 have been killed and 120 have been injured.  I hope everyone is thoroughly terrified for my safety.

I also finished the Book of Mormon during the time we were locked down (can't leave our flat) on Sunday.  I gained a stronger testimony that the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God!  It is an awesome book, you should read it!

For now, we have a curfew of "dark."  So that means we are in our flat by 7pm at the latest.  So it really means we need to be in around 6.  Which means that after we get out of our flat at 12 because of training the new missionary we have only 6 hours to do work...  Let's get to it I guess.

I am safe, though, so no one worry.  I might need an emergency care package of snickers and jolly rancher bursts.  Just kidding...  The snickers would totally melt.

In case anyone still cares, my address is

Elder Jacob K Dick
Kenya Nairobi Mission
PO Box 46162-00100
Upper Hill Road next to Citigroup

If you request reimbursement for the expensive stamps or package costs...  Haha what a joke.

I love you all!!!!  Here is a good quote from Elder Spencer Stolworthy (Mexico Torreon Mission):
Work like a fool and obey like a dog.

Elder Jacob Dick

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