Saturday, February 22, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hola!  Let me tell you about the visit by Elder Bednar.  He spoke with all of the members in the Nairobi Stake and the missionaries were just invited, so he didn't actually sit down and speak to us specifically.  The format of the meeting was that he would ask the members questions and they would answer, then the members would ask him and he would answer or defer the question to Elder Clayton (Presidency of the Seventy) or to one of the three members of the South East Africa Area Presidency, or to his or any of the other Seventies wives.  It was a powerful meeting.  The questions asked were all questions of the soul, such as "Why is it important to be kind?"  "I am being diligent, but is there anything I can do to make being diligent easier?"  "When will it be easier to be a member?"  And many other questions like that.

I came to the meeting with a lot of questions.  Most of them were answered during the meeting, either by things that someone said or by impressions from the Spirit.  Other questions that I had that were not answered during the meeting I had answered before I went to bed that night after talking to some other missionaries.

I apologize for any birthdays I have missed and also in advance for all of the birthdays I will miss.

The newest discovery this week.  I had a remarkable revelation where I figured out exactly how heaven feels.  My companion received a package with "Cookie Butter" in it from Trader Joe's.  If anyone doesn't know what it is you really need to find out.  It tastes like the kind of peanut butter that God might put on his PB&J and I mean that in the most descriptive and unsacrilegious way possible.  I had first just a regular spoonful with nothing else and it changed my life.  Then I had it with vanilla ice cream.  Brothers and sisters the veil is thin.  We can feel what heaven is.  Also if anyone is going by Trader Joe's please just grab me one or two jars!

Much love,
Elder Dick

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